Upstanders’ Events in Perth

Perth Australia

4 – 9 August 2019

Ellenbrook Secondary College and Carmel School Choirs, WAH and support team

The first two Performances

World Premiere at Ellenbrook Secondary College on 5 August 2019
At Carmel School on 7 August 2019
Encore at Carmel School

Edith Cowan University

Bill Allen
Lisa Marino & Lynne Cohen

Ellenbrook Secondary College

Visitors including the Carmel School choir
With Lance Turner, Stuart Rhine-Davis, Nance Adler & Jesse John Fleay

2000 people attended
With Jessica Shaw MLC
Lance Turner with the choirs

Southern River College

With Daniel Grayce & Principal Everal Eaton
Nance Adler giving her lesson

Curtin University

With Gavin Briggs

Trinity College UWA

At Trinity College, UWA
With Liz Caddy

Butler College

At Butler College with Helen Macri

Carmel School

Carmel School Lesson for Year 10s

Jewish Community Event at Carmel School

Ellenbrook Secondary College and Carmel School School Choirs
At Carmel School
7 August 2019
Rivka Majteles, a Holocaust survivor, talking to Ellenbrook Secondary College students
The Ellenbrook Secondary College and Carmel School choirs

Kingsway Christian College

Hosted by Ronnell Vermeulen

City of Stirling

A multi-cultural event
Hosted by Eva Mwakichako

Notre Dame Universiy

William Cooper – our indigenous Upstander!
Dr Martin Drum, Eli Rabinowitz, Nance Adler, Professor Lynne Cohen & Dr Jamal Barnes
With Dr Jamal Barnes and Prof Lynne Cohen

Dianella Shule – Tisha B’Av Lecture by Nance


William Cooper Book by Barbara Miller

Plaque at Yad Vashem

Film by Viv Parry – Ties That Bind

Film by Viv Parry

Lesson Plans by Nance Adler



Perth Airport

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