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The Partisans’ Song

Herzlia School
Cape Town South Africa
May 2022

The Partisans’ Song World premiered in Yiddish and Maori in  New Zealand Parliament Reception in Wellington on 27 January 2022

The Partisans’ Song in te reo Maori
Translated by Hemi Kelly (Ngati Maniapoto, Ngati Tahu-Ngati Whaoa), of the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). 
The Partisans’ Song initiative is led by the WE ARE HERE! Foundation of Australia.
Sung by Anastasia Reid
Piano – Liam Furey
NZ School of Music

MC: Miriam Bookman


What We Stand For

WE ARE HERE! Project for Upstanders



The objective of our WE ARE HERE! project is to promote Human Rights and Social Justice through the principle of choosing to be an Upstander.

Our focus is on language, literature, music, film, the arts, and other cultural forms.

We feature the Partisans’ song, long revered by Holocaust survivors, including to this day. The very words embrace the understanding of what it takes to be an Upstander, and not a bystander. The message is relevant today both in the school yard, the sports field, and on the internet, to counter cyber bullying. 

 We choose William Cooper as our ambassador because he was a quiet activist who set out against the odds to protest. William Cooper is a fine example of an Upstander. So are his family, and those who follow in his footsteps! We want the strong message of the Partisans’ Song to reach as many as possible globally in a multi cultural way. We need to provide role models for the young, so they know that it is more than OK to stand up for what is right.

Success is not always achieved overnight. William Cooper marched to the Melbourne German Consulate on 6 December 1938. This deed was only fully recognised by the German government in 2017!

Our dedicated website at https://wah.foundation contains examples of the successes of our program in spreading the message around the world. So let’s motivate our educators and peers to join with us in inspiring others, especially our youth, to adopt this legacy.

Eli Rabinowitz

Perth, Australia

2019 US Government Funded Grant

January 2022

email: eli@elirab.com

The Partisans’ Song by Hirsh Glik

Vilna 1943

Never say that there is only death for you,
Though leaden skies may be concealing days of blue,
Because the hour we have hungered for is near;
Beneath our tread the earth shall tremble — we are here!

From land of palm tree to the far-off land of snow,
We shall be coming with our torment and our woe;
And everywhere our blood has sunk into the earth,
Shall our bravery, our vigor blossom forth.

We’ll have the morning sun to set our day aglow,
And all our yesterdays shall vanish with the foe;
And if the time is long before the sun appears,
Then let this song go like a signal through the years.

This song was written with blood and not with lead;
It’s not a song that summer birds sing overhead;
It was a people among toppling barricades,
That sang this song of ours with pistols and grenades.

Never say that there is only death for you,
Though leaden skies may be concealing days of blue,
Because the hour we have hungered for is near;
Beneath our tread the earth shall tremble, — we are here!

William Cooper at The Jewish Museum in Melbourne
Photo by Stuart Rhine-Davis

Descendants of William Cooper at the Richmond Football Club Dinner, Melbourne


Film by David Jack
The William Cooper Legacy


Kristallnacht Cantata Word Premiere, at Temple Beth Israel, Melbourne


Barbara Miller, Minister Ken Wyatt & Eli Rabinowitz at Monash University
Eli Rabinowitz & John Gandel at the William Cooper Institute launch at Monash University .
The Ark Centre Cross Cultural Shabbat
Barbara Millers book on the William Cooper Story
2019 US Government Funded Grant