Limmud OZ

Koora Koora Nyitting: WE ARE HERE!

Short description: A discussion of how the Yiddish anthem The Partisan Song found new life for modern times in Australia.

In 2019, the presenters were involved in the WE ARE HERE! Foundation’s Upstander’s Project, founded by Eli Rabinowitz. The aim of the project is to promote Human Rights and Social Justice through the principle of the Upstander. It saw The Partisan Song translated into Noongar (indigenous language to Perth region) and arranged for the Ellenbrook Secondary College Choir. Originally a Jewish anthem of resistance during the Holocaust, it lyrics are timeless to those experiencing oppression. In this talk, the presenters will discuss their collaboration to create this new work and how it hopes to reach all people across cultural divides.

Suzanne Kosowitz

Limmud OZ Presentation 

Stuart Rhine-Davis, Music Director Ellenbrook Secondary College

Suzanne Kosowitz, Composer and Arranger

Jesse John Fleay, translator from English to Noongar (a Western Australian indigenous language) Edith Cowan University

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