About William Cooper

William Cooper Event

6 December 2020

The WE ARE HERE! Foundation is pleased to have contributed to this excellent William Cooper Legacy Event, premiering today,
6 December 2020
WE ARE HERE! highlights https://youtu.be/TOyhnfHoPjs
Elie Wiesel @ 2 min 39 sec
CEO Eli Rabinowitz 10: 25
Ellenbrook Secondary College & Carmel School Choirs 10:50
US Educator, Seattle – Nance Adler 44:25
US Student, Seattle – Shira Delcau 45:25
Ellenbrook Secondary College & Carmel School Choirs 105:38
We wish to thank all those associated with our project, especially:
Lisa Marino – US Cultural Affairs
Nance Adler – US Educator
Shira Delcau – US Student
Jesse J. Fleay
ECU translator to Noongar
Suzanne Kosowitz – WAAPA composer
Stuart Rhine-Davis – Ellenbrook Secondary College Music Director
Michele Galanti – Carmel School Choir
William Cooper – by  Natalie Parker