Lesson Plan

“Ties that Bind” and Righteous Gentile Online Article Walk and Essay

Lesson Plan by Nance Morris Adler – hamorahnance@gmail.com

Learning Goals

1.    Students will be able to see the variety of ways that one can help an individual who is being oppressed.

2.   Students will recognize the difference one person can make in the life of another.

3.   Students will add to their understanding of what it takes to be an Upstander.

After watching the movie “Ties that Bind” about William Cooper, students will be provided with additional material about William Cooper’s life and actions so that they can include his story as one of their four Righteous Gentiles. Notes should be taken on it the same as below. 

Use this link to go to the Yad Vashem Righteous among the Nations “Featured Stories” page.  http://www.yadvashem.org/righteous/stories.html  There is a list of stories as well as links on the right side of the page linking to stories on a theme. 

Select any three stories from page and read them – take notes on the following – the more detailed the better:  

  • the details of what each Righteous Gentile did, 
  • their motivations for helping, 
  • the risks they faced, 
  • the outcome

 After reading and taking notes on your three stories – you will write an essay on your four examples of Righteous Gentiles (Cooper plus three from YV)  and the rescue or assistance they each provided.

  • Be sure to give a brief overview of each story; 
  • compare and contrast the stories and the people involved;
  • come to conclusions about these righteous people, their actions and their motivations or reasons for taking action.

 An excellent essay would be at least six detailed paragraphs -intro, paragraph on each person, and conclusion that includes the compare/contrast portion.

You must submit both your notes and your essay.

You will also share out about two of the individuals that you researched.

“This is similar to…”

You will have three class periods to work – otherwise it is homework 

Thinking prompts to help you write a strong paper

“This makes me realize…”

“I used to think… but now I realize…”

“Another example is…”

“This is giving me the idea that…”

“This is different from…”

“This is similar to….”

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