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Upstanders and Education

The mission of the WE ARE HERE! Foundation project is to promote Human Rights and Social Justice through the principle of choosing to be an Upstander. Our focus is on education,  language, literature, music, film, the arts, and other cultural forms.

Holocaust Teachers’ Resources & Year 10 Holocaust History Curriculum Resources  by Dr Bill Allen

Dr Bill Allen has developed comprehensive resources for WA teachers of Year 10 to use to teach the Holocaust part of the in-depth study on WW2.

There are two sets of resources here: (i) textual resources with lesson outlines, readings, discussion templates, lists of videos and activities; and (ii) a PowerPoint for the teacher that accompanies and supports the textual resources.

They are  free  – apply on the contact form below

“Thank you to the “WE ARE HERE! Foundation” for creating and making their suite of useful and informative resources available for History teachers. The resources have been well constructed and sit beautifully with the West Australian curriculum.   I would strongly suggest that all WA History teachers take the time to investigate the website and look forward to Bill Allen’s presentation on utilising the resources at the HTAWA March State Conference.”
Catherine Baron
Lakeland Senior High School
President – History Teachers’ Association of Australia & HTAWA

Compiled by Dr Bill Allen

for the WE ARE HERE! Foundation

Dr Bill Allen is a retired Senior Lecturer in Education, teaching at universities in Queensland and Western Australia. At university he taught senior curriculum, Humanities and Social Sciences methods and Teaching Learning and Assessment to secondary pre-service teachers. He taught History and Social Sciences in a variety of secondary schools in England and Western Australia. He has authored, with Kylie Readman and Nathanael Reinertsen, two editions of a book Practical Classroom Assessment. He was a Visiting Scholar at George Mason University, Virginia, USA in 2013. He has also led professional learning courses for teachers, education leaders and university teachers in Indonesia, in Provinsi Papua, Nusa Tenggara Timur and Java.

Dr Bill Allen, Professor Lynne Cohen, Eli & Jill Rabinowitz

All these resources are offered to educators and students at no cost, as long as the source is credited. Thank you.

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Eli Rabinowitz CEO
Eli Rabinowitz
Eli Rabinowitz, CEO of WE ARE HERE! Foundation, combines his talents as filmmaker, storyteller, traveller and genealogist to manage 90 Jewishhgen.org KehilaLinks and 600+ posts on his other websites.  Eli focuses on education and cultural forms to promote Upstanders. These are driven by stories of Jewish Partisans, indigenous Australian William Cooper, and children’s author Dorrith Sim, which seek to inspire in young people the confidence to stand up in the face of prejudice and discrimination.